Thursday, November 5, 2009

赏识的一个晚上 The Night of Appreciation

这件事发生在今年11月4日的晚上,还记得姑姑和曾校长带我去看电影。那时候已经9时了,爸爸突然打电话阻止我看电影。那使我慌张了起来,一直在想怎么用赏识的话去说服父母。看见了父母,我又是可怜的模样,不断地说好话给他们,还哭了出来。但最后还是被逼回家。远远望着姑姑他们往戏院里走,听着姑姑不断地说:“好心情”,心里还是很怨恨父母。但是抵达了家的时候, 我突然想起了赏识教育。我对自己说:“可能他们这么做是为我好吧!”准备睡觉时,妈妈进来我的房间,她说:“骏,妈妈不是不给你去,是妈妈太想你了!我一整天没见到你,妈妈很难过的。”接着,她就给我了一个拥抱,顿时才知道妈妈原来是那么爱我,那么担心我的!那天晚上,我发了短讯给姑姑,感谢他们让我和妈妈相处得那么好。也想和妈妈说:“妈,恭喜你!你进步了!以前我哭时,你会骂我。现在你会给我温暖了!加油哦!”

One night, auntie brought me to the cinema. It's very late, around 9pm. When Dad called me that I could not watch the movie. I was nervous how to persuade my parents. Although how much I talked good things, I started to cry, they still did not let me go. I hate my parents very much at that time until I reached home, I thought of Appreciation Education, I whispered:" They do this because it's for my good. " At home, I was preparing to sleep when Mom came to my room. She said: "Don't you miss me? I miss you a lot so I didn't allow you to see the movie. You can go again next time, right?" I replied if I didn't miss her then I won't call her today. Then she gave me a big hug. I had the feeling of warmth and being loved. I wished her Good Night after that. I just wanted to tell her that:" Mummy, you're improving in your Appreciation education! Keep it up!"


Start appreciating your parents if you want them to appreciate you! :-)

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