Saturday, November 7, 2009

一个正在学习赏识教育的爸爸 Learning Appreciation Education Father


Yesterday Principal Tsen invited a father, together with his son, Max Chai. They chatted about appreciation education for quite some time, then I found out that the way this father treated his son is completely different than mine.


Max's father accepts hugs from his children. Sometimes he will pat his children on the shoulder, caressing them... In my heart I wished that how happy I am if I can give my father a hug and a kiss without being rejected. Max's father always believe in him nd always think he is the best. Although Max is weak in his studies, his parents keep encouraging him, consoling him, appreciating him and never tease at him.

这位爸爸以前对他的孩子是很严格的,什么事情都一定要父母来处理。但这位爸爸发现有时候真的有急事,所以让孩子管理事情时,孩子都会管理得很好。 所以现在有什么事情都会拜托孩子,把什么事情都交给孩子处理。

Last time, Max's father was always strict to his children, every problem only the parents can solve. But this father found out that sometimes when he really had to hand over some problems to his children, they can solve then very well and fast. And because of that, his parents always gave work for them to do.



Max told his father that he did not want tuition, anyway tuition did not help him in his studies. His father thought for a long time, he hesitated that should he return the time to his children, that way only children can have the responsibility to study independantly.

Finally,I want to say to my father:" Daddy, when I am depressed or I did not score well, please don't laugh at me.... Just give a hug, then I will be very thankful to have a father like you."

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