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抱怨教育的故事 Examples of Complaining Education



Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Robert. One day he fell ill, so he had to take some medicine. After he finished drinking the medicine, the phone rang. He ran to the hall to pick up the call, but he left the medicine un-capped, leaving it on the table. After he finished talking to the phone, he saw his brother playing with the medicine, poured all over the floor. Robert's father scolded him, he said: " You empty-headed boy, how can you be so forgetful? I think your brain had become rubbish!"

This is one of the examples of Complaining Education. The father wanted Robert's brain to work, but he kept complaining that his brain is already useless.

考试要来临了,小明在房间里自修。突然,妈妈进来了。她开始责骂小明为什么那么容易的科目要读那么久,小明没有回答。妈妈说:“再给你十分钟的时间,你就必须把整篇课文的内容都说出来,答不出一题,就打一次!”十分钟很快就过了,但小明还没完全了解课文的内容。妈妈用手把书本一抢,就开始发问问题了。小明好多道题都答不出,被妈妈又骂又打了许多次。结果妈妈生气起来,把小明最喜爱的漫画书给撕烂了,就丢进垃圾桶里,说:“你就是每天只会看漫画,连书都读不进。我看你啊, 别去学校了啦!你也别做人了啦!气死我了!!”小明在一旁发抖,眼泪开始流了,他是多么喜爱那本漫画书啊!“哭什么啊?你再哭,我就打断你的腿!”小明立刻停止哭泣,但心里是多么的伤心害怕,多么的恨这位妈妈,觉得他自己已经没用了,有一点想自杀的念头。。。


The exam was approaching, Robert was doing his revision in his room. His mom came in and started to scold Robert for revising a easy subject for such long hours. She said to him: " I'll give you ten more minutes to revise. Then I'm going to ask you questions on this chapter. One question can't answer, I whip you one time." After ten minutes, his mom snatched the book from his hands and started to ask questions. But Robert can only answer 1 question out of 10, his mom scolded and whipped him with a broom. At last his mom couldn't control her anger and teared Robert's favourite book into pieces and threw it into the dustbin. She shouted at Robert: " This book is making you useless! Don't go to school anymore! You are only wasting my time and money! I'm very disappointed with you!" At that time, poor Robert was shaking with fear and started to sob. His mom then added: "Why are you crying? I'll cut your legs if you cry!" Robert stopped crying immediately, and his face was calm. But actually he felt like bursting into tears, how he hated his family, and how he wanted to commit suicide...

The reason that Robert couldn't study well was not about his book, but it's his family who kept complaining him, blamed him, scolded him... Complaining education is when parents don't even step one foot ahead to see what had really happened, but their children was being blamed.





Poor results: Scolded, Punished, Beaten
Mistakes: Scolded, Punished
Bad behaviour: Scolded, Worst child!....
Results doesn't mean the world to us. Poor results will surely happen to us every time. Scolding and punishing children with poor results, can only made their results even poorer. The more parents scold, the worse their results will be. But how about it when parents encourage them, console them? Only these can give children energy and confidence to themselves, they will try their best and have better and better results next time!
Who hasn't made a mistake on Earth before? Why parents always say: " Stupid child! Empty-headed child! Useless! The worst child in the world!"? Those good children will change to bad ones if parents continue to do this to them. But if parents choose to appreciate them, children will realise their mistakes and will try to turn over a new leaf.
Why all of us should learn Appreciation Education? Then children will grow up happily in a world of love, and soon the Sunflower Will Bloom! So parents, do you want your children to live happily and grow up happily?
Throw away the Complaining Education and start educating your children using the way that parents once used when children were young and learning how to talk and walk. That is called APPRECIATION EDUCATION

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