Friday, November 6, 2009

赏识教育初学者面对的困扰 Difficulties~ Appreciation Education Beginners


A long time ago, all of us grew up in the environment of Complaining Education. Appreciation Education is a new friend to us, some of us are eliminating it.


During learning how to appreciate, we will surely face some problems and difficulties. As we are being polluted by Complaining Education, if we want to clear it, we should have enough bravery, full determination and excellent knowledge.

1. 勇气-排毒过程需要无比的勇气,因为我们会不断碰见抱怨教育的忠实支持者。

2. 毅力-排毒过程反反复复需要无比的毅力,因为反反复复我们又会投入抱怨教育的怀抱。由量变到质变也是要有耐心的。

3. 智慧-排毒过程需要无比的智慧,因为我们要练好一双火眼金睛,才不会误入抱怨教育的陷阱。不要像猪八戒那样被外表所迷惑;要学孙悟空火眼金睛透过现象看本质。

1. Bravery- During detoxification process, we must have undefined wisdom and a lot of courage, because from time to time we will meet supporters of Complaining Education.

2. Determination- During detoxification process, we must have undefined determination and patience, because we will start complaining again repeatedly.

3. Knowledge & Wisdom- During detoxification process, we must be trained to have piercing eyes, this is done so that we will not be trapped by Complaining Education.



Everytime when children make mistakes, parents should always believe that their child are always the best.

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