Monday, March 29, 2010

妈妈变了 Mummy Had Changed~

Recently I had all of my exam papers collected, although most of them are good results, but they are still three which had pulled down a lot on my overall mark..
1. Chinese History
2. Science
3. KHB
When I just got these papers, my mind was just thinking about my mother... what reaction will she do? When I got these papers, all I did was LAUGH... I just laugh laugh laugh least I scored much more better than last year, and at the last page of every subject paper, I drew a "Thumbs Up"... This is the drawing that gave me confidence, gave me happiness and also the positive thinking mind of Failure....
The amazing part is, my mom didn't scold me, but she praised me.. She said that I had already being doing very well this year and she is proud of me... She also added: Keep it up! I believe one day my son will get No.1 in class!" I was so touched after listening to this. My heart relaxes and I felt more comfortable. My mother's love towards me had being increasing for as long as I live... Onl she didn't express it in the right way.. And she changed, because I believed that she will change one day too..
When I told this story to some of my friends, they were truly touched, and they were admiring my mother... They said that I am very lucky to have a mother like that. Because among them, only my mother can true love a child, by appreciation, by encouragement.... SWhereas their own parents are still trapped in Complaining Education.... Wow! I was also touched by my mother, and also I felt pity for them, because they had never being appreciated by their parents for so long. I felt proud and happy for myself and for my mother... I encouraged my friends to come to the XingZhi Development Centre to learn more about Appreciation Education.
~At last, My Mom Changed~ Into a Beautiful one~


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