Monday, February 8, 2010

我班的赏识老师 Our Class Appreciation Teachers


I'm Junior 2 this year, in class Junior 2 Xiao. Fortunately, some of the teachers in my class are teaching us with Appreciation Education. Here I will list out how they appreciate us.


Thefirst is our form teacher, Mrs Chang. Although she can be quite nagging and talkative, but she always praises those students who did well, and will correct those who did wrong. She usually will tell the whole class that we are all responsible children. Besides, she always trust the students, no matter it's true or not. She taught us to trust people, how to coorperate, how to maintain better discipline and cleanliness in class...... I think she is a good teacher. I wish that if she could talk lesser and faster, she would be perfect for us.

第二位就是我们的英语老师~ Theresa老师。她在第一天上课时很凶,说我们班很差劲。。。我们都怕了他。但是第二天开始她的人全变了。当我们在三部曲的时候,她就会说:很好。并给我们一个大拇指。我顿时吓了一跳。。“应该是昨天是第一天,所以大概把赏识教育忘了吧?”她上课时叫同学回答问题时,不管同学答对还是答错或者是不会答,老师的后头就是个“好“字“。她也让上课情况有趣了很多,就是让同学们在白板上进行比赛。当有几位同学输了不开心时,老师就是会称赞同学脑袋很聪明,以后再来。偶尔她会分享报纸上的最新新闻,或和我们嘻嘻哈哈的时候,全班轻松了许多。说再见时有些同学就会说:老师我爱你。看见老师的脸亮了很多。。她在我的眼里,是初二孝所有的老师当中,把赏识教育办的最成功,最好玩的老师。。老师,我也爱你。

The 2nd teacher is our English teacher, Teacher Theresa Yao. On the first day of her lesson, she's as fierce as a tiger. We are all afraid of her. But starting from the 2nd day onwards, she became a different person, a friendly and appreciating one. When the class is greeting to her, she will always had her thumb up and praise us. We were shocked. I thought" maybe she had forgotten Appreciation Education yeasterday!"

During her lesson, she will always call upon some students to answer questions. No matter the answer is right or wrong or the student doesn't know to answer, she always says: Good. before she says the correct answer. Besides, she increases the way of the lesson to be interesting by having a competition among the students on the whiteboard. Whenever a student who is not happy because he lost, the teacher will always say out straight that we are all clever children and that he will try again next time. Sometimes she shares updated-news to the students and telling them jokes... The whole class feels relax and starting to like her. Even after saying goodbye one or two of them will shout: Love you, teacher. At the moment I saw sparkling teeth and eyes from her face. She is happy...

To me, I think that she is one of the most successful teacher in Junior 2 Xiao to treat us in Appreciation Education.
Teacher,love you too.

你看,赏识教育可以弄到班上秩序好,培养合作精神,让同学开心,老师也开心,同学安心,老师更安心。。 由此可见赏识教育对大家都有很大的贡献和帮助。我希望其他老师也可以像以上的两位老师一样,让同学们在赏识教育的环境下学习。也希望同学能够写一封赏识信给老师们,让老师们重获信心,让赏识教育发芽开花。

As you can see, Appreciation Education can improve a class' discipline and cleanliness, to coorperate with others, make all students and teachers happy when learning. As a matter of fact, Appreciation Education is very important to all of us.I wish that the other teachers will learn how to appreciate students and their families.And I also wish that the students can write some appreciation words for teachers, so that they can regain courageness, and let the Appreciation Flower bloom!


以下有2个老师,都是同学们觉得比较难沟通的老师。这些老师都已经尽了力教导我们,但是我觉得他们还有足够的进步空间。 The 2 teachers below are those who are more difficult to communicate with. These t...